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Working Safely Online

In wake of the recent NHS cyber-attack, it’s important that businesses and freelancers ensure that their systems are as secure as possible. It should not cause concern but it should prompt to double check office set up general security.Security needs to cover all your employees and all their devices, if you have work phones, tablets etc you need to ensure the security plan in place covers everything and not just laptops or desktops.Advise your employees about simple safekeeping precautions that they can take to help improve overall security. If any staff members are working remotely, remind them that they should only connect to a secure Wi-Fi network. Working off a non-secure Wi-Fi network puts all your data and files at risk. People may be able to access what you are working on and share it. If you are ever unsure if the Wi-Fi connection is secure, simply don’t use it.If you and your employees travel a lot, switch off your devices whilst you’re not using them or on the move. This means that people using Bluetooth and other connectivity devices won’t pick up your machine and potentially acquire files or information that they shouldn’t have access to.It may seem like an obvious suggestion but frequently changing your passwords does help improve security levels. Don’t use the same password for all accounts/logins as this helps ensure that if anything is hacked, there isn’t a sweep of all your accounts. It is advised that you update every 90 days to prevent others getting into your accounts.If you are working in a public space rather in an office, consider using a privacy screen or privacy screen filter to avoid the public seeing your screen and data that might be sensitive. Again, this may seem like an obvious idea but you never know who is looking over your shoulder!By making your employees aware of security risks will raise awareness and encourage employees to take more responsibility protecting their own, and the business’s’ data.As an employer there is a lot you can do to support them, however there should be a strong emphasis on individuals to take ownership as well.If you are concerned about any security issues, get in touch as we can support in ensuring your office set up is as secure as it should be.