Net Platforms

Cyber Security

Proactively delivering the core aspects of cyber security.

Concerned about malware infecting your network?

Without the appropriate measures in place, malware could find its way onto your network, corrupt your files and hold your business to ransom.

Need help securing remote devices?

Ensuring the security of your data with a remote team can be a challenge. Without an action plan, sensitive information could leak, resulting in a breach of your obligations under the GDPR.

Not sure how you'd recover from a cyber attack?

Without an effective business continuity plan in place, an attack could inflict irreparable damage on your organisation.

Worried about compliance obligation?

Failure to adhere to GDPR or other regulatory guidance can incur financial, legal and reputational consequences.


Protect your digital estate with a comprehensive suite of Cyber Security measures

With cyber criminals employing ever more advanced tactics and launching attacks on an unprecedented scale, developing a sound, watertight cyber security strategy has never been so vital.

Here at Net Platforms, every project and service we deliver is approached with the same unwavering commitment to cyber security best practice.

Achieve peace of mind for the protection of your data.


Evolving your cyber security plans

We understand how heavily data security weighs on the minds of small/medium business owners. That’s why we’e assembled a security toolkit, composed of some of the best technical devices out there. We’ll help you understand the vulnerabilities inherent in your setup, and deploy tools to counter the cyber threats.

Perimeter Defences

By setting up firewall protections at your network’s edge, we’ll restrict access to the dark recesses of the web where cyber criminals most often lurk.

Antivirus Protection

Our threat detection and response capabilities will pinpoint and destroy any malicious software which sneaks onto your network.

Email Filtering

Using advanced AI-powered filtering software we’ll help you defend your network at the most common entry point for malware – the email inbox.

Business Continuity and Backup

A business continuity plan coupled with comprehensive data backup is essential to ensuring recoverability following a disruptive event.


How do we protect your critical business data?

The intricacies of GDPR are second nature to us, and we'll help you develop workflows which give your team unimpeded access to the data they need while ensuring it remains within the confines of your network.

We can apply additional access requirements around your resources such as multi-factor authentication, and even require biometric controls such as fingerprint scanning. We'll help you implement document-level controls so that sensitive files stay where they're supposed to be.

Our attix5 backup solution will ensure the recoverability of your vital systems and data by backing them up in two separate offsite locations. The system can be configured to perform a full backup at regular intervals and can create copies of all your data assets, whether cloud-hosted or on-premise.

Through tools like email filtering and password management software we can vastly mitigate against such risks. We can also help inform and educate your team on data security best practice.