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Cloud Services

Bring the flexibility, ability and security of the Cloud to your business.


Computing for the new age - futureproof your business with cloud solutions

The cloud offers infrastructure, platforms and end-user services via data centres located around the globe. By exploiting economies of scale, cloud computing gives end users access to resources and services which would be tricky and costly to implement in-house.

Security Concerns

Do you have specific compliance needs or is your legacy IT failing to protect your data?

Improve Productivity?

Are there opportunities to streamline your workflow and improve your team’s output?

Space constraints?

Is bulky on-premise infrastructure occupying much-needed space in your office?

Cost concerns?

Need to overhaul your systems but don’t have the capital for physical infrastructure?

Achieve peace of mind for the protection of your data.


Make an effective migration to the Cloud

Work from anywhere, at anytime, with the power of Cloud-based software apps, data storage and tools.

Microsoft 365

Microsoft’s flagship workplace productivity platform features a broad range of tools designed to empower collaboration and enable flexible working.

Cloud Backup

Our cloud backup service provided by attix5 will automatically copy your data to multiple cloud data centres. Reinstate lost files and systems at the click of a button.

Cloud Hosting

Whether you want to migrate an on-premise email server or develop software on a cloud-hosted platform, we can guide you through the process.

Cloud Consultancy

From negotiating the feature-packed world of Microsoft 365 to technical guidance for advanced cloud projects, we’ll ensure instalment of the best cloud services.

Microsoft 365 offers business-grade email via Exchange online. We'll seamlessly migrate your email with minimal disruption, and help you get the most out of the other tools that come with a 365 subscription.

Microsoft 365 features a service called "Azure active directory," which lets you govern access to your data and services. Extend and withdraw access to files, enforce multi-factor authentication and enable single sign-on to give your team easy access to all the platforms they need. Azure active directory lets you do all this and much more.

There are many options depending on the nature of your project. You could consider hosting your own hardware in a colocation data centre, and take advantage of industrial-grade cooling systems and security. Alternatively, you might prefer to take advantage of the scalability and cost efficiency of public cloud resources. We'll guide you through the options and ensure you get the best outcome.


What are you looking for from the cloud?