Net Platforms

Business Challenges

IT tailored to conquer persistent business challenges.


Stuck with unreliable and outdated support structures?

Feeling let down?

Is your IT provider letting your down? Are they slow to respond when things go wrong and even slower to rectify faults?

Excessive Downtime?

Are your team grappling with a slow system that is prone to crashing? Poor system maintenance eventually translates to workflow disruption and damaged revenues.

IT support

Our support offering is backed by a service level agreement with clearly defined response time guarantees. Fast-acting, energetic support when you need it.

Active monitoring and maintenance

With a dedicated support manager, 24/7 monitoring and a proactive approach to support, your system will be in safe hands.


Struggling to protect yourself against digital threats?

Is remote security a concern?

From mobile device corruption to files ending up where they shouldn’t be, securing a remote setup can feel like an insurmountable task.

Worried about the malware threat?

Becoming more advanced and increasingly prolific, malware intrusion presents a costly threat to businesses of all sizes.

Endpoint and remote access management

We’ll implement all the controls needed to keep your remote team operating securely. From managing identities and securely configuring remote devices to setting the right security policies in motion.

Technical tools, expertly applied

We’ll establish a cyber security defensive structure around your digital assets, from network-edge filtering technologies to virus detection and response systems.

Contact us and see how we can help you with your business IT requirements.


Unable to make an effective Cloud transition?

Productivity woes?

Your legacy systems were likely cutting-edge at one stage. Today siloed data stacks and unintuitive legacy software stand in the way of productive, flexible working.

Costly infrastructure?

From cooling costs to the occupation of valuable office space and the hassle and cost of hardware maintenance, operating an on-site server stack is not without its drawbacks.

Microsoft 365

A flagship productivity platform offering file management, email, instant messaging, shared calendaring, video conferencing, live document collaboration and much more in a single subscription. Seamless cross-platform integration makes for streamlined workflows and effortless collaboration.

Flexible, scalable cloud-hosting

Pay for the resources you need and operate infrastructure-lite via a range of cloud-hosting options. Migrate on-premise software or adopt new solutions through SaaS (software as a service) offerings, and free yourself form the burden of office-based infrastructure.


Looking to implement VoIP into your business?

Obsolete telecoms?

The ISDN switch off is imminent. Failing to update could result in your phone system becoming obsolete.

Traditional telephony presenting huge bills?

From the costs of instating new lines to exorbitant oversea call charges, traditional phone systems can present hefty bills.

Hosted VoIP

Offering the same call quality as before without the physical infrastructure burden, VoIP systems send voice signals as data packets via the internet, and as such are unaffected by the PSTN switch off.

Subscription-based VoIP

With VoIP telephony you won’t get penalised for calling abroad and there are virtually zero initial setup costs. Enjoy feature-rich PBX capabilities plus telephony mobility for a fixed monthly fee.