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Why outsourcing business IT support makes sense?

IT support is a vital element to any business and many will decide to run this internally initially, however, IT support is something that can easily be outsourced to help ensure your team focuses on the business’ needs and main tasks.IT support can be time-consuming as it can take a while to fix issues, but most importantly it can be hard to determine how long tasks will take. This element of uncertainty can be most harmful as you could be delaying progress and hindering your business for unknown periods of time without additional support.We strongly suggest sourcing external IT support to help keep your business productive and profitable, here are a few more reasons why.IT support requires those working on it to constantly be up to speed on the latest technologies and software updates to ensure that they can support you in the best possible way. If you choose to run this in-house, you will need to continually train your staff to ensure they have the right knowledge to fix the problems. This will require additional budget and more importantly time, taking them away from other things that they could be working on.Signing up to an IT support service, much like the ones we offer at Netplatforms, means you only have to manage one regular monthly payment and this will cover all your needs. There won’t be a need for additional investment in training staff etc.By outsourcing your IT support you can trust that someone is always available to assist you. You don’t need to worry about any downtime amongst your staff, instead an engineer can either resolve the issue remotely whilst you go about your usual business, or if required, can visit on site whilst you continue your work. This keeps productivity high as well as alleviates frustrations with staff members who may get agitated having to stop what they are doing waiting for fixes.Finally – a big positive to signing up to IT support that may not be obvious at first, is increased security. External IT support can offer advice on security measures, and if all software is running on the latest versions, it offers a reduced risk of suffering a hack as you are fully up to date.If you are interested in finding out more about our IT support service at Netplatforms – please get in touch and we’d be happy to talk you through it!