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Things to consider in defining a business IT strategy

Business strategies are a web of smaller strategies that all need to be laid out to ensure that they can work together and be in sync.First up, you need to look at the bigger picture and create a mission statement. Define what you need out of your IT set up and how you believe it can help your overall business succeed. Once you have this high-level view, it will become easier to start to identify the smaller elements that need to be fleshed out.Your business IT strategy should be closely related to your technology strategy as you need to ensure the two marry up and can support each other. The decisions you make in technology could have a direct affect on the IT solutions you decide to have or may influence them, and having this level of understanding is vital for success.Like with most strategies, it’s vital that you plan ahead, so don’t just look at the here & now, but be sure to consider your requirements 3-5 years in the future. Your business is likely to grow and/or change over the coming years, and it will be more cost effective to plan for the future and start bigger and grow into it, instead of having to rework as you go.You may wish to design your target technology architecture and then validate that with partners to help map things out and visualise your requirements. Once that’s in place, you can work on a roadmap to help define what needs to be done when and give you something to aim for.If you are in the process of defining your IT strategy, or simply have no idea where to start, get in touch as we have IT consultancy experts who are on hand to help. You can find out more here