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The terminology of the cloud – Guide to migrating to the cloud the right way

As we have spoken about previously, the use of cloud services has risen exponentially since the onset of Covid-19. It enables workforces to make a full transition to remote working, seamlessly if done correctly.

On the other hand, there are still some business owners out there that are apprehensive about the change. This is partly due to the terminology used by providers being abbreviated and not as simple as it could be – some are not computer literate and understanding seems like a foreign language to them.

With this being a big step for business owners it is understandable they do not want to jump into something they do not understand. They are sceptical to put their trust in their provider as they think they will be recommending the most expensive option due to their little understanding of the product; this is not always the case.


The Terminology

 Recognising the terminology used is important to understand what you are going to be paying for. Here is some of the important terminology and how they make up the cloud.

SaaS – Software-as-a-Service

Software-as-a-Service is at the heart of cloud computing. It is the delivery of applications, (along with the storage of data within those applications, and dependent on the provider, the security and backup of that data too), over the internet as a contractually paid service. Some examples of SaaS are Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, and Zero Accounting; all of which are popular internationally. SaaS frees you of the complex software and hardware management that most of us would not know where to start with.

IaaS – Infrastructure-as-a-Service

Infrastructure-as-a-Service is the computing framework that is provided over the internet. Your provider will supply and manage the infrastructure for you on a subscription basis whilst you purchase, install, and configure your own software (or with the help of your IT provider).

Cloud Application

A cloud application – or cloud app – is the software you access online instead of installing and accessing it on individual computers. (Often provided to you in the subscription form as SaaS).

Cloud Storage

This is the storage of data in remote servers, known as the cloud. This can be accessed from multiple devices, and it simply takes the hefty storage requirements away from individual computers or servers – while also making it accessible to anyone, anywhere with an internet connection.

Knowing some of the terminologies is important to migrating to the cloud the right way – without it, you can end up paying for a service that is too small or large for your requirements. Or you could end up spending money on something that could be achieved for less. A provider should use language you can understand wherever possible – but having an insight into the language used by the professionals can really benefit your transition.

We can help make your cloud transition as smooth and beneficial as possible.


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