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Securing Your SME: How IT Support Providers Can Help You to Remain Threat-Free

As your business grows and evolves, managing your tech can start to cause headaches. Things stop working as they should, speeds can slow down, downtime can start creeping in, and technical barriers can get in the way of applying new technology that sharpens your competitive edge.

Not only this, in the background, the number of vulnerabilities to cyber threats and IT malfunctions will tend to grow with your business. This is where IT support providers can help your business to succeed and stay secure. They do this by acting as bridges to empowering IT solutions that enrich value while saving you time, energy and money.

In this piece, we continue from our last blog which gave a business guide to cyber security in 2024, by exploring how IT support providers can be invaluable security partners for businesses today.

Recap: SMEs Are Common Targets for Cyber Attacks

Our guide discusses some key developments that explain why SMEs are being attacked more today. Attackers have more scalable and accessible tools at their disposal, and while most cyber-attack news focuses on the big corporates, SMEs are both a common and more vulnerable target group for cyber criminals.

IT support providers can help SMEs to seamlessly roll out essential defences as well as help them to access more cutting-edge security solutions to protect their whole IT environment. Here’s how they do it:

IT Support Providers Find and Address Your Security Risks

The first step in cybersecurity is understanding the specific risks that your business faces. IT support providers are able to find risks by surveying your IT environment and deploy monitoring tools to assess its cyber vitals. Using these insights, they’re able to tailor cyber security measures for your business to address its risks and respond to them more effectively.

IT Support Providers Use Robust Network and Device Cyber Security Measures

You’ll want multiple layers of defence for your digital perimeter, and IT support providers are able to apply them and configure them to meet your unique operational, compliance and security requirements.

These measures include network firewalls, device management solutions, intrusion detection and prevention systems, antivirus tools, and secure networking protocols that safeguard your data and network from being compromised.

Discover Your Cyber Security Posture: Get A Free Cyber Security Assessment Today

Our cyber security assessment gives you invaluable insight into your business’s cyber security posture, including vulnerabilities and gaps across your network and devices. That’s not all, it gives you actionable steps that you can use to shore up your security posture going forward. To book your free assessment, simply get in touch with us today and we’ll gladly take you through the next steps.

They Keep Your Software and Hardware Up to Date

Outdated software and hardware is a common entry point for cyber attackers. IT support providers can ensure that all your systems are up-to-date with the latest security patches and updates, closing off vulnerabilities before they can be exploited. They can also track the lifecycles of your assets to anticipate the end of support for devices and applications ahead of time.

IT Support Providers Can Empower Users to Use Security Best Practices

In our guide to business cyber security in 2024, we outlined just how crucial users are for your cyber security, and their strong link to cyber security incidents.

IT support providers can offer training sessions on best practices and how to spot even convincing phishing emails, as well as conduct simulated attacks to test the awareness of your team and coach them based on their responses.

They Can Help You to Enforce Data Protection and Compliance Requirements

With regulations like GDPR, protecting personal data is not just a security issue but also a legal requirement. IT support providers can help your business use the right tools to help ensure that data protection requirements are being met in your business.

They Can Provide 24/7 Monitoring and Fast Incident Response

Cyber threats can show up at any time. With continuous monitoring of your network, systems, and the setup of alert mechanisms, IT support teams are able to quickly see and respond to suspicious activities and threats for your business, acting as cyber fire fighters when they are needed.

They Can Regularly Backup and Recover Your Data

Seeing the value of data backup and recovery solutions is as easy as considering what would happen to your business if it permanently lost access to some or all of its data. Data backup and recovery is a popular service offered by IT support providers and can include backups for your Microsoft 365 data for example.

Not only will your data be regularly backed up, but your provider will also test recovery processes against different scenarios to make sure that if it is needed, your data can be recovered quickly and reliably.

IT Support Providers Can Secure Your Business and Enhance Its Competitive Edge!

While cyber security is a crucial ingredient for businesses to succeed, IT support providers also play a vital role in helping businesses to grow and operate smoothly.

There are a range of ways IT support providers can help your business to:

Increase Productivity by removing downtime, integrating your tools, data and systems together, streamlining your workflows, improving network speeds, and keeping your hardware and software working at their best.

Lower Costs by removing the need to build and maintain an internal IT team, helping you to manage your IT assets effectively, use cost-effective technology, and to access solutions that can lower costs while enhancing value, such as cloud hosting and VoIP telephony.

Save Time by keeping your tech running smoothly, taking the burden of managing your IT from your shoulders, and offering swift response and support for your IT issues and goals.

Promote Profitable Growth by making your technology, processes and services scalable with your businesses’ needs, helping your business to automate workflows, and helping you to keep your IT aligned with your growth plans using a technology roadmap and IT strategy.

Use New Technology by helping your business to move to the cloud, implement modern workplace solutions such as Microsoft 365, and taking care of IT procurement and technology refreshes for your business.

Final Thoughts

IT support is more than just fixing technical issues, providers today are able to offer a suite of solutions to keep your business secure and competitive. Digital transformation and cyber security are two key areas where IT support providers are adding value to businesses in London and beyond.

By working with a provider aligned with your business, you can cultivate profitable growth and exceptional customer outcomes, while remaining secure from the spectrum of today’s cyber threats.

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