Net Platforms

With over 24 million business users migrating to Microsoft Office 365 it might be the time you did the same! As more and more companies move towards a flexible working environment, with clients and employees working in remote offices or from home, Microsoft Office 365 is the ideal solution to support this style of working.The other strong point behind the new software is that it is compatible with both Mac & PCs, helping to connect more people and also realising how many businesses now use a mixture of computers but still want to be on the same software to make file sharing easier as well as scheduling!This latest offering from Microsoft is cloud based and we at Netplatforms understand that this can be a big transition for some businesses, however it is one that we strongly advise and do as we feel it will benefit you in the long run. We are a Microsoft Partner and so can advise you on the best approach, help you set up and ensure you are up and running as quickly as possible to help keep your business running smoothly.Other benefits of Microsoft Office 365 include managed user control and on-going updates. You will always be using the latest version and the updates can be simple to install, ensuring that you are always working to the best of your ability and making the most of all the available features.As much as it is a Cloud based service, you don’t have to be online to use it all the time. There are subscription selections that include desktop options of the applications so that you can still work whilst offline which is ideal for those of you who travel frequently or not always in a stable environment.If you are considering moving to Microsoft Office 365, or simply want more information about it, we’re always available to talk you through the options and see how it could work for you. We’re also on hand to help implement it into your business and provide ongoing support. We offer a free appraisal of moving your business to the Microsoft Office platform so feel free to get in touch to find out more!