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Improve Profit by Extracting More Value From Technology – Some Cost-Efficient Tech Solutions All Businesses Should Consider

Times of adversity demand the best business technology. Gaining the most out of your IT has never been more vital, as we covered in our last piece, and with technology playing an ever-more-important part in retaining a competitive advantage, picking the appropriate solutions is critical to company success.

The IT market is flooded with game-changing workplace tech products, ranging from platforms that allow for productivity improvements through automation to solutions that enable enterprise mobility.

In this section, we’ll look at four of the most intriguing options that, in our opinion, provide the best balance of features and cost-effectiveness. The potential for operational transformation in each of these solutions’ particular domains is present with very little in the way of upfront capital commitments.

Cloud Hosting

The term “cloud” describes a global network of internet-connected servers that host different types of computing services thanks to cloud service providers. The technique of leveraging cloud computing services to accommodate systems and services that are typically housed in-house is known as “cloud-hosting.”

Business technology elements including websites, corporate software, and email servers can now be hosted in a cloud data centre off-site.

So why would you possibly want to do that?

It’s just economies of scale. The cloud offers infrastructure, development platforms, and ready-to-use enterprise software on a more cost-effective basis than on-premises networks, so while you can still opt to host all of your business technology there, doing so no longer makes financial sense.

The cloud service provider takes care of everything, saving you time and money. This includes powering/cooling equipment, hardware maintenance, and physical security implementation. Almost all cloud services come with the capacity to adjust their resources to meet changing business demand; as a result, your monthly IT costs will be directly related to the demand for a certain service at any given moment.

Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365, formerly known as “Office 365,” has solidified its position as the leading enterprise productivity package since its launch back in 2011. You’ll find the well-known “office programmes” (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.) at its heart, but these are now complemented by a variety of innovative tools for workplace efficiency and collaboration that work together to make 365 more than the sum of its parts. It’s easy to understand why Microsoft 365 holds the lion’s share of the business IT industry by providing storage, email, workflow management, automation capabilities, communication, and collaboration tools in one intuitive, remote-capable package.

Some of the key platforms within Microsoft 365 include:

  • Teams’ assistance with remote workers throughout the pandemic has helped it acquire a household name over the past few years. Teams unifies all the must-have and nice-to-have collaboration tools into one user-friendly interface and offers smart calendaring, live document co-authoring, shared file libraries, instant messaging, video conferencing, and a lot of other configurable features. Perfect for raising productivity among office-based, remote, and hybrid workers.


  • SharePoint is the single-source-of-truth platform for business divisions and collaborative tasks, not just for document storage. Give your team a central hub with the files they require and the information that facilitates communication, consolidating project resources in one location. Alternately, create a SharePoint communication site and use it as an intranet to share relevant news and information with your staff. SharePoint sites are infinitely customizable and can be used to support any corporate or group effort.


  • Outlook is one of the most sophisticated and feature-rich email applications available and serves as the foundation of the Microsoft 365 experience. Outlook is an email service with productivity built in thanks to its integration of automation, simple calendaring, and strong interaction with other 365 platforms.

A typical SaaS (software-as-a-service) offering is Microsoft 365, which offers packages on a per-user, monthly basis. There is sure to be a configuration to fit your business demands and budget, and the variable pricing structure allows you to provision the platform for the precise amount of users who need access.

Cloud-hosted VoIP

Businesses are under pressure to adopt future-proof alternatives due to the eventual collapse of the UK’s PSTN (public switched telephone network) infrastructure, and they are quickly learning about the high-value and feature-rich telephony provided by cloud-hosted VoIP. The cost-effective call packages, low hardware costs, and a number of features that simplify call handling make cloud-hosted VoIP an appealing replacement for the inefficient traditional phone systems of the past.

With cloud hosting, your business phone system becomes mobile, allowing you to place and receive calls from any location as long as you have access to the internet. High call volumes are easily managed by using features like auto attendants, call queues, call groups, and IVR (interactive voice response), which are frequently standard.

A procedure called as “unified communications” allows for the integration of additional communication media into some systems’ user interfaces. You may increase the productivity and efficiency of your team by integrating tools like email, instant messaging, and data into the same environment as your phone system.

As implausible as it may sound, cloud-hosted VoIP offers a way to buy a phone system without worrying about hardware. Your current endpoint devices can serve as access points to your phone system using “soft phones” (software that simulates the functions of a physical telephone), with optional handsets available to buy for a little more ergonomic calling experience. The maintenance burden is practically nonexistent because there is so little physical hardware to worry about because the VoIP service provider manages and maintains the servers that power the system. In addition, calls are significantly less expensive than traditional telephony services, with attractively priced call bundles making international calls especially reasonable.

Managed Security Services

It can be costly and time-consuming to set up the rules and processes required to protect sensitive information as well as the technical safeguards to protect your network. With so many factors to take into account and the demands of running your business competing for your attention, it makes sense to outsource cyber security to an expert and capable managed security provider, giving yourself the breathing room to concentrate on value-adding activities.

A managed security service can set up the checks and balances necessary to thoroughly secure your systems and data thanks to their insights, expertise, and experience. In addition to using a variety of technical tools to safeguard your network from the devastating impacts of malware, they can make sure your business-critical assets are backed up and recoverable in the case of a disaster. Additionally, you can employ remote monitoring systems to check your environment for built-in vulnerabilities and deploy threat detection technologies to take action against cyberthreats as soon as they enter your network.

Although it is possible to build the aforementioned skills in-house, doing so as thoroughly as a managed security company is likely to prove cost prohibitive due to the expenses (both in terms of money and time) connected with putting together a specialised staff of IT security specialists. Therefore, the much more cost-effective choice for SMEs is to outsource security.

Although security services might not initially appear to be a value-adding offer, it’s crucial to keep in mind the potential financial consequences of a data breach. Through a variety of protections, an expert managed security provider may help you meet your GDPR obligations and significantly lower the likelihood that a data breach could ruin your company’s finances.

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