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Here are the top 6 FAQs about Cheap online backup answered

Online backup is simply the cheapest and easiest way to back up your important data and files and store them safely. It is much more convenient as compared to DVDs, hard drives or USB flash drives. The reason behind its convenience is the facility of automatic backup. So with online backup services, you can be sure that the latest data is available whenever you need it. Not only this, but it adds an all new level of security to your data. Even if your computer or entire office shuts down, you will still have the latest copy of data preserved.Sounds simple, isn’t it? Well, there are a number of cheap online backups available, which come with certain queries. Here are a few FAQs answered about the same.Q1. Are there any limits of how much I can backup in an online backup service?A1. YES, there are certain limitations on the amount of data you can store. This entirely depends on the plan you subscribe. But a few service providers do offer you unlimited backup plans.Q2. Is there any possibility that someone at my company could view my backed up files?A2. The answer to this question is a NO. Every backup company is aware of such security scenarios and thus goes for strict precautions. Your data is encrypted on your computer, it is sent encrypted as well as stored encrypted. You are also provided with an optional private encryption key to top up the security.Q3. What is the difference between cloud backup and online backup?A3. There is NO difference between both the terms. The idea of ‘cloud backup’ comes from cloud computing, which is used to describe the scenario of multiple computers connected and working together. Cloud storage is just an extension of various backup services, which enables file storage, access, and sharing.Q4. How do I know that all my data is being backed up?A4. The entire backing up process is monitored. So if a backup fails due to any reason, or there is any unusual activity, you get an alert about the same. You can also view your backed up history to verify the service is working normally.Q5. Do I need to keep my computer connected to the internet at all times to let the online backup services work?A5. YES, online backup services require a working internet connection. But you do not need to keep your computer on specifically for backing up. Backing up data is a process that goes on in the background while you are surfing the internet or checking your email.Q6. Do I need to manually back up data by copying it in some place?A6. NO, your data is being automatically backed up. There is no need to do that manually. You can simply continue to perform the rest of the tasks while your data is being synced. You always have the latest data backed up on your online store.Now that most of your queries might have been answered, get in touch with Net Platforms for cheap online backup. We bring you easy restore services to recover lost data anywhere at the click of a button.