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G Suite vs Office 365 – What’s the difference?

Like many products, there are usually a variety of brands that offer similar things, with G Suite & Office 365 being no different! They are both a collection of productivity tools that help you and your business complete common tasks, all stored in the cloud.One thing to note, you may be more familiar with Google Apps for Work, but it recently rebranded to G Suite, so don’t be fooled it’s a completely new offering from Google – it’s been re-launched.As much as both platforms offer similar things, there are some differences that should be considered to ensure you choose the right one for you and your business. Here we will outline those differences for you.First up, a key point to raise are the differences between the pricing plans, Office 365 has a slightly more complex set up than G Suite, so make sure you read all the details to ensure you aren’t being short changed. Both charge per user and have different levels; enterprise, premium etc, but they offer different things across the package.In terms of the basic packages, Office 365 has better offerings than G Suite in two areas; file storage and email. Office 365 provides 1TB worth of storage and 50GB of email storage, compared to G Suite’s 30GB storage and 30GB email storage.One feature that does stand out for G Suite is the way it can integrate with third party apps seamlessly, via the Google Web Store. If your business relies on more than the basic apps that come the packages, then G Suite could be the winner for you on this basis.Features such as spreadsheets and word-processing are probably still slightly smoother within Office 365 which has a better set up for number crunching and more sophisticated word documents. But this can put some people off, which is where G Suite comes into its own.Overall the two products are both great for different reasons and it comes down to how you will use them to identify the best fit for you.If you are considering Microsoft Office 365 or Google G Suite, we have many years of experience with both the platforms and can talk you through all the ins and outs and how it could benefit your business. Find out more here.