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Essential cyber security defences

In the present era, cyber security needs to be at the top of your list of business worries. If it isn’t, something needs to change. It is crucial that you and your team have at least a beginner’s level of technical proficiency, or awareness of the potential threats to your system and the different countermeasures you can take, given the limitless potential of today’s technology.

The internet offers a level of anonymity that is particularly appealing to the criminal community and is impossible to achieve when attacking a target physically, so criminals have recognised an opportunity that it has presented.

Smaller firms are typically targeted by attacks inadvertently; some are unfortunate enough to suffer as a result of widespread attacks, and others could join the hundreds of companies that succumb to publicly launched attacks each year.

Businesses are primarily targets of cyber assaults due to ignorance of these threats or the potentially catastrophic effects of a successful strike. We all do it: we open a new phone and start using it right away without taking the time to get acquainted with its security features.

We all check our windows and doors at the end of the day, both at home and at work. This action has become so automatic that we no longer give it a second thought. This is how it should be for the protection of your systems.

Since cybercriminals don’t make any distinctions when choosing their victims, every organisation needs to have high standards for cybersecurity. How can you adequately defend your systems if you don’t know what you are defending them against? We are aware that achieving this is a daunting undertaking for people who don’t know how to do it.

The Methods of Cyber Attack


Malware is created specifically to damage a computer system or an application’s functionality. Email attachment malware attacks, also known as (Phishing) attacks, are the most prevalent type of malware and the type of attack you are most likely to experience. More on this in a moment.


One of the most prevalent types of malware, ransomware locks and encrypts your data in order to function. The cybercriminals will demand a ransom and then offer to safely restore your access in exchange for the money. They then deftly create a sense of urgency or some form of time constraint into your actions in order to push you to make the requested money on time, and everything is done under the fear of having your data deleted.

With this being said, of course, for most this is an anxiety-inducing experience, and they want it over as fast and as painlessly as possible, so can you blame people for just paying? Of course you can’t, but let me present you with another question; would you trust a criminal that breaks into your building physically if you were to come toe to toe with them? No, so why do you when they are in cyber space? Paying will, in fact, have the opposite to your desired effect as you are just advertising the fact that you are willing and able to pay them on demand.


When a cybercriminal assumes a fictitious identity in a phony/fraudulent email in order to get private information, this is known as a phishing assault.

Malicious links are included in phishing emails, enabling the cybercriminal’s attack. The online criminal will pretend to be a reliable source for the recipient (a bank, for example). Similar to ransomware attacks, they include a sense of temporal urgency in the message’s content. By doing this, they’re trying to pressure the recipient into making a decision quickly and without much consideration, because when we’re pressed for time, we act impulsively. The recipient would then click the attack-facilitating link, demonstrating that the rouse was taken seriously.

We shall examine what you must do to safeguard your systems from various cyberattacks in the essay that follows. Check out the choices or get in touch with our knowledgeable team to let us help you right now.

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Cyber Security