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Delving deeper into Cyber Essentials

For those of you who don’t know, the UK government introduced the Cyber Essentials Plan in 2014 in an effort to aid businesses in improving the standard of their security measures and to protect against the constantly changing cyberthreats that we are all subject to.

The following are the five main controls that make up the scheme:

Secure Configuration

You need to select and utilise the most secure settings for all of your gear and software. One way to do this is by immediately deleting unused accounts and software and changing passwords.

Access Control

The only individuals in your organisation who need access to a particular piece of information should have it, and you must further ensure that this is monitored and checked frequently.

Software Updates

You must make sure that your software and operating systems are regularly updated with the most recent patches in order to guarantee that they are protected against all the most recent vulnerabilities.

Malware Protection

It must be less likely for you to contract any kind of malware, including computer viruses, spyware, botnet software, and ransomware. You can accomplish this by ensuring that your anti-malware software is correctly installed and by only permitting reliable programmes that provide a low risk of containing malware.


You must use firewalls to build up a “buffer zone” in order to analyse traffic seeking to access your network; the firewalls will determine whether or not any traffic should be allowed to pass through the gateway to your data.

The more thorough level offers stronger organisation security, which is the only distinction between the two certification levels given by the Cyber Essentials system. The two tiers are as follows:

An online self-assessment questionnaire used for Cyber Essentials is examined impartially by a regulating body.

Similar to Cyber Essentials Plus, but requiring a little more rigorous inspection process to ensure that both your IT infrastructure and cyber solutions adhere to the Scheme’s security criteria.

The scheme has recently been altered, and some of the requirements have changed in order to improve the security levels your organisation achieves.

Why Were Changes Made?

Since they were initially recognised in 2014, cyberthreats have grown and become more common; as a result, adjustments have to be made to deal with their ongoing evolution and how we conduct business. The programme is periodically examined to ensure that it maintains enhancing your security solutions.

The most recent edition notably highlights the epidemic’s dramatic increase in home and hybrid working, as well as our expanding usage of and reliance on Cloud services. You must address the new security issues that these changes have created if you want to keep your organisation secure.

For instance, the technological controls of the Scheme have been reviewed and tightened, with an emphasis on password management tools and multi-factor authentication – enabling you to counter these changing threats and stay secure. This is due to the rise in assaults on cloud services that make use of methods to steal users’ credentials in order to access their accounts.


In conclusion, a large part of adhering to Cyber Essentials centres around keeping your firm secure through the implementation of numerous safety elements. Some of the remaining items relate to company secrecy and preventing everyone from having access to all of the data and information the business has access to. So, adhering to Cyber Essentials is undoubtedly something that will also contribute to your company’s increased security.

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