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NewPoint Capital | Technology Support

NewPoint Capital Limited was in the process of a technology and cybersecurity overhaul and a migration that would allow for a merge of two IT systems into one, they were looking for a partner to work with that would deliver suitable technology that was able to support this process and the growth that entailed.

Netplatforms was appointed to lead this technology and security partnership and to implement the required solutions that will bring NewPoint Capital into the modern generation.

Business Challenge

The onboarding process started with the Netplatforms team assessing NewPoint Capital’s current IT environments,  the resulting report gives an exact status of the infrastructure in place, the strengths and weaknesses within it.

  • Modern Technology – Technology plays a key part in running your business, without the required tools and software, you’ll find yourself sinking into an ever-deepening pit.
  • Security & Compliance – As a business in a highly-regulated industry, NewPoint need to protect their client data with an enterprise-level solution that not only meets the most challenging compliance policy but also delivers high levels of protection from modern cyber threats and breaches.
  • Data Backup – As important as business compliance, the storing and processing of all business data needs to be correctly tracked, stored and easily accessible.

The Client at a glance

Newpoint Capital Limited (NPC) provides commercial indemnities and guarantees bound by strict legal agreements to satisfy obligations under agreements between corporate entities. The company is established, registered and incorporated in the United Kingdom.

Industry: Finance & Structured Products

Size: 20+

Locations: London, United Kingdom


The Solutions

Netplatforms proposed a variety of Technology & Security solutions for NewPoint Capital for the overhaul. With a fully supported solution during the implementation of new technology. This allowed NewPoint Capital to continue as normal, receiving all the help and support they need whilst the technology transformation was ongoing.

To ensure the best onboarding experience possible, Netplatforms provided NewPoint Capital with a detailed checklist and agreed time frame that covered all essential actions until the go-live date.

Business Results

The successful, Technology and Security overhaul is a key result for NewPoint Capital.

NewPoint Capital Limited is now able to rely on:

  • Cyber Essentials certification implemented
  • Upgraded Firewall and implemented SSL-VPN secure remote connections.
  • Implemented Failover internet connection
  • Implemented Secure Wifi
  • Implemented migration of file server to Sharepoint/Onedrive.
  • New Data Cabinet installed
  • Logitech TAP Conference System and TV’s installed.
  • Office 365 tenants migration – Company buy out and merge their systems into one.

Netplatforms is now able to work with NewPoint Capital to provide ongoing support and technology solutions, with a prompt speed of service, extensive security services and a trusting level of reliability.

“Good value for money. A good relationship where they know when they’re calling. Always know what to do and easy to talk to. Never judge technical knowledge.”


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