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Greythorn Services | Technology Support

Greythorn Services, a UK based logistics company working all over the region. In the process of updating technology, connectivity, procurement and cybersecurity, they were looking for a partner to work with that would deliver suitable technology that was able to support this process and the growth that follows.

Netplatforms was appointed to lead this technology partnership and to implement the required solutions that will bring Greythorn Services up to date with devices, connections and security.

Business Challenge

The onboarding process started with the Netplatforms team assessing Greythorn Services’ current IT environments,  the resulting report gives an exact status of the infrastructure in place, the strengths and weaknesses within it.

  • Device Management – In the world of logistics, you’ve got a workforce covering each and every county in the UK. The requirement for fully monitored and managed devices is a must.
  • Business Connectivity – With the need to be in constant communication with your team, having the ability to do so is essential to any business, even more so in this industry.
  • Time Management – Set times and deadlines needing to be met, logistics can become a very difficult task, without systems in place, a simple job can become very strenuous.

The Client at a glance

Greythorn Services is a specialist courier company in London and the South East, a family-run business with years of collective experience within the logistics, distribution and fleet services industries. We’re passionate, proactive and dedicated to our clients. The company is established, registered and incorporated in the United Kingdom.

Industry: Logistics, distribution and fleet services

Size: 200+

Locations: London and the South East (Services the entire region)


The Solutions

Netplatforms proposed a variety of Technology, connectivity and device management solutions for Greythorn Services. With a fully supported solution during the implementation of new technology. This allowed Greythorn Services to continue as normal, receiving all the help and support they need whilst the technology transformation was ongoing.

To ensure the best onboarding experience possible, Netplatforms provided Greythorn Services with a detailed checklist and agreed time frame that covered all essential actions until the go-live date.

Business Results

The successful implementation of varied technology and device management is a key result for Greythorn Services.

Greythorn Services is now able to rely on:

  • Roll out of 50 mobiles devices with MDM (mobile device management), the lockdown of phones, location etc.
  • Implemented 50 Laptops – fully monitored and managed. All users remote locations – amazon warehouses and HQ. (around UK)
  • Lease Line implemented into HQ with failover and upgraded Firewall to cope with the increase of users.
  • Hosted VoIP system implemented
  • Hosted Azure Servers installed for Time management systems for all drivers.

Netplatforms is now able to work with Greythorn Services to provide ongoing support and technology solutions, with a prompt speed of service, extensive security services and a trusting level of reliability.

“Strong relationship, positive reporting, positive outcomes. Happy with the service.”


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