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In the previous blogs in the series, we covered what Business Process Automation (BPA) is and why you would want it, in this – the last blog in the series – we will explore how to implement BPA in your workplace.


How to implement BPA in your workplace

Implementing BPA in the workplace is no easy task, you should remember that implementing BPA is a challenge. Putting too much effort into it – or doing it the wrong way – can have the opposite effect to what you intended, it can slow down product development and lose the market to your competitors.


Identify tasks to be automated

The foundations for all your future BPA are laid at this point. You should start by collecting feedback from your employees working within your organisation, looking at customer problems and request sheets – this will give you an idea of what to automate first.

Many – if not all – sectors of your business face blockages in their daily workflows, by asking the people that know your business best (your employees) what challenges they face you can better discover opportunities for better efficiency. Once having discovered this opportunity, it is time to address your IT team, you will most commonly use a third-party solution (Power Automate by Microsoft as we previously mentioned) but your IT team still have a responsibility to unite the software and ensure the integration remains flawless.

You can also spot opportunities for automation by taking the time to analyse customer support requests / complaints – if you are lucky enough not to have any then it can be beneficial to provide a questionnaire of sorts to get some feedback from your customers about the things they feel are great and things that can be improved.


Outline business goals

The next step is to ask yourself three questions, what is my current goal for the organisation? Will automation help that goal? How will I measure success?

Knowing what you want to achieve within your organisation is integral, knowing exactly what your goal is means knowing what you need to automate to achieve it. Finding a way of measuring its success is also important – whether this is by financial figures, employee feedback again, or by other means – if you don’t measure the success of the change then it may be a complete waste of time and money.


Select the right tools for the job

Selecting the right tools involves more than you might think. It must be easy to use and simple to understand wherever possible, be flexible and scalable with the ever-changing work landscape in the wake of COVID-19, and – arguably most importantly – be able to integrate with your existing tools, make sure the tool can pull data from existing tools to work seamlessly with the information your business already stores. It will help to be capable of storing and securing information centrally so that anyone in the entire organisation that needs access will be able to pull insights and utilise the system to their full potential.


Adapt your management methods

Once having selected the correct tools and you are sure they are the tools you wish to proceed with, your management methods will have to change, you need to set-up training and tutorials for the employees who will be using the technology day in day out for them to do their job correctly. Creating a culture that’s adaptable to change within your organisation is essential – your team need to feel involved in decisions going forward and receive education on any changes that you decide along the way.



And the last – ongoing – step, is to monitor the system frequently to see that it continues to make a difference to yours and your teams’ workday, these tools are not static, they adapt and change as your business changes. What was once the best tool you ever had can rapidly become surplus to requirements and even a hindrance on your business, so keep your wits about you.


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