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Bringing Business Process Automation to Your Business

The modern workplace is heavily digitalized, and along with all the advantages that the digital age has provided, it has also added complexity and processes. Inadvertently costing time and money are some digital tools that were created with efficiency in mind. 

Every company in the world depends on data of some kind, and that data is kept in a number of apps and databases that each have their own functions. 

The unspoken rule of the modern office is to “accomplish more with less.” Technology should make your life simpler, not harder. Introduce business process automation to integrate your digital environment. 

Business Process Automation – What is it? 

By improving operations that would have otherwise been completely manual processes, Business Process Automation has revolutionised the workplace. Practically everything we do at work has a procedural structure to it—a set of stages that help us reach our end objective as precisely and frequently as feasible. 

The same set of rules govern business process automation. Starting with a trigger action, whether planned or brought on by a previous human activity, a succession of pre-scripted events will then occur, eliminating the time-consuming effort of manually carrying out that lengthy list of steps. 

But don’t worry; you are still in charge. You can set your own parameters from which the automation will respond to ensure this. 

Utilizing all of the tools that the technical landscape has to offer is essential given the steadily growing technological presence in our workplaces. 

Does this appeal to you?  

Could you benefit from what BPA has to offer?  

Why would you want it, where can it help you? 

Business Process Automation can revolutionise your workplace in many ways, let us look at a real-world example of Business Process Automation in action and then break it down and see what it helped with. 

For instance, a company is expanding and starting to attract attention on social media. Hundreds of tweets arrive at the company every day, which can easily divert attention from routine tasks (a team member must constantly be logged in and out of Twitter to “like” the message and “follow” the potential customer). This straightforward but entirely manual operation consumes a large amount of your working day. 

This kind of operation has resulted in some current and potential clients being overlooked and replies being delayed – not on purpose, but simply because the team member in charge of the social networking channel is overwhelmed with the sheer volume of tweets on top of his regular responsibilities. This gives the client the option to shop elsewhere for their service or goods, or even worse, they can vent their frustration at being “ignored” on social media for all to see, which will reflect poorly on the company. 

The team member in question is wasting their time by personally responding to every comment; in today’s “round-the-clock” society, they would have to work nonstop for seven days straight to respond to every tweet on time. And what if the company keeps expanding? Will the company hire new staff members whose sole responsibility it is to click “like” and “follow”? Although it is a possibility, doing so would be extremely resource intensive. 

Business process automation can help in this situation. 

To alleviate the burden that the team is bearing as a result of the tweets, the company implements Business Process Automation (Power Automate by Microsoft). Power Automate enables you to set up a flow that tracks the potential client, replies to them, and adds them to a spreadsheet that is then automatically emailed to you for your approval. 

In this case, Power Automate made it possible for the team member to resume their duties without spending the majority of their time on menial tasks. 

Business Process Automation enables you to ensure that the fundamental building blocks of a successful business are upheld, that time is managed effectively by allowing your employees to complete the tasks they were hired – and trained – to do, that human error is reduced by turning some tasks over to technology, that levels of collaboration are increased by giving you more control over project management and deadline setting, and – in my opinion – most importantly, that collaboration levels are increased. 

Want help with your Business Process Automation? 

Business process automation can save you and your employees so much time by taking care of any menial admin tasks you would otherwise have to take care of. If you would like help with embracing business process automation please do not hesitate to contact us now.