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Go above and beyond with Office 365

Business challenges: solved.
Go above and beyond with Office 365

You have migrated to the cloud, what happens now?

Whether you have implemented the cloud as a modern replacement to your old server, wish to increase your productivity & efficiency or simply seek greater levels of flexibility for your workforce; Office 365 has your back.

Like 90% of businesses that adopt Microsoft Office 365, you have likely only tasted a few flavours from a world of opportunities available to you within the very powerful cloud service.

To help you get more value from these tools you already pay for, we’re publishing a series of content to showcase services within Office 365 you may not know of. We’ll be sharing advice on the key functionality, advantages and benefits of key 365 features we feel will further drive efficient, productive and effective workflows within your business.

Looking beyond the basics with Office 365

365 is designed to cure business challenges that we all face, but like most software, it can feel like we have to change our business process to make the software solution fit. Through our ‘Go above and beyond with Office 365’ series, you’ll no longer have to identify the Office 365 service best suited to your operational conundrum; we’ll be tackling the most common of business challenges and tailoring an Office 365 solution to suit.

The following are some of the challenges we’ll be tackling through this series…

“How do I improve internal communication within my business?”

“If only there was an app for that…”

“How do I book meetings without playing email tennis?”

“How do I control what happens with my data?”

“How do I control mobile chat among my workforce?”

“How can I get better insights from my data?”

“How do I reduce manual tasks in my workflow?”

“How can I effectively collect data?”

“How can I organise my project work?”

With each question, there are often answers within multiple Office 365 solutions. We’ll help steer you towards the best-fit solution to the challenge at hand.


We’re Netplatforms.

If you’re struggling to make a square peg fit in a round hole, then let us open the perfect-fit routes for you instead.

Beyond the most common of challenges, there are solutions that can be tailor-made to suit most businesses. At Netplatforms, we are relied upon as the go-to technology partner by many other small to medium businesses across London and Essex with such technological challenges. We can make the technology best work for your organisation, and not the other way around!

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