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Business challenges: solved.

Challenge: How do I control what happens with my data?                                                                                                  One answer… Compliance – Enterprise-grade security, built right into Office 365

Struggling to safeguard all your critical data?

With cybersecurity being such a vital aspect to any business, when it comes to protecting your all-important data, it’s essential that you secure it correctly, in the wrong hands it could lead to a limited future.

Cyber threats are out there, it’s just a matter of time before they strike your business, unfortunately, many businesses are still unsure of how to protect their business data. Often businesses are prone to accidental leaks through insecure databases or servers, causing a wide issue in the compliance sector.

With Data Compliance playing such an immense role in today’s society, it’s an area that every business needs to focus on. GDPR has been in place for a while and it’s been an on-going challenge for all-sized businesses to remain compliant. Cyber attacks are rising in numbers each day, with more intelligent threats that can end your business in a matter of minutes, data protection has never been such an urgency. If only Microsoft had an answer to all of your security problems.

So, what’s the solution to solve all of these persistent challenges?


Say hello to Office 365 Security & Compliance

Protecting your business against external threats and links with built-in privacy and compliance tools. Microsoft Office 365 can and will solve all of your on-going data protection and security issues, with intellectual and advanced protection.

365 Security & Compliance is Microsoft’s answer to all our data protection requirements, the safeguarding businesses need for all the critical information held in the cloud.

Protect against security threats. With the best-in-class services designed for small business, you get enterprise-grade protection without the need for an enterprise-sized IT department. Trustworthy, tested protection for your digital environment. Protects against and provides visibility on spam, viruses, phishing attempts, malicious links and other threats.

Protection from accidental leaks. With the ability to control how employees use data across their unique devices, restrict the copying or saving of company information to unauthorised apps and locations. Office 365 lets users seamlessly exchange encrypted and protected emails to help prevent inappropriate sharing of sensitive data in documents and emails.

Control access to your Business Information. Limit who and when a user has access to certain business information with security groups and customisable permissions. With Office 365, it’s your data, even in the cloud. You control access to your sensitive data with flexible, customisable policies.

Stay in compliance for peace of mind. Office 365 meets key international, regional and industry-specific standards and terms, simplify your own compliance and reduce the overall risk. Office 365 Message Encryption helps protect sensitive data without sacrificing productivity. Data loss prevention tools to help protect content such as GDPR data.

Protect your data no matter where it is or goes, Office 365 has powerful, built-in features to help you protect sensitive data, stay in the cloud and meet your compliance needs.


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