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AI and Machine Learning: The Benefit to Small Businesses

In the previous article we explored AI and Machine Learning and the challenges that come from implementing and using them. In this article we will explore why these challenges are worthwhile overcoming for your small business, both now and into the future.

As we said in the previous article, the implementation of AI and Machine Learning may require a digital transformation of sorts, but, once completed and operational, the investment will speak for itself.

AI and its benefits to small business.


Improved recruitment process

Most smaller businesses don’t have a HR department at all, but a lot of HR tasks are time-consuming, and, frankly, rather dull. But you can place HR related task responsibility on the shoulders of AI and Machine Learning. HR is a particularly prominent sector of business that is utilising the possibilities of AI – it has reduced repetitive tasks, lessened the need for manual work, and has sped up and made operations more efficient.

Automating Candidate Recruitment

AI can track applicants, screen CVs, and schedule job interviews without any human input. Incredibly, with the powers of modern technology you can automate the entire recruitment process. Using the data extracted from the automated interview process, you can match job requirements to an applicant’s knowledge, skillset, and experience. AI can make hiring and recruitment much more effective and fairer; it guarantees that your valuable time is spent on those that are going to make a difference to your organisation.

Accurate decision making

AI’s Machine Learning capabilities increase the amount of data that the average business obtains whilst it expands right alongside it. Decisions are now made digitally by the computer – this trust in tech has never been seen before. Business owners enjoy the fact that the tech will always do what is right for the organisation with no bias and minimal errors, a feat which is, unfortunately, not possible with a human team.

Interaction whilst mobile

AI is built into the hardware of modern smartphones in Microchips. These are very high-performing processors, and they give end-users real-time abilities like improved speech recognition and translation. As much as they sound like insignificant things, they can help your business become competitive and accessible globally, maybe for the first time.

Customer service

The most important consideration for every organisation in the world is customer experience. AI and Machine Learning are certain to revolutionise the way we view customer support and experience in the coming years – big things are on the horizon. With AI powered software and sentient analysis technology you will be able to respond to any customer concerns effectively, in a timely manner, and with a much easier process for doing so.

Complaints; every business has them. None are immune to that client who is never quite happy enough. AI and Machine Learning can manage your complaints for you through script driven processes, meaning that your clients have more chance of their complaint being managed in a timely manner and as effectively as possible.


One of the key business concerns for every organisation around the globe right now is cyber security – AI can also be used to defend your systems from cyber criminals using AI to attack you. AI and Machine Learning make it possible to detect fraud, and (with the abilities we mentioned earlier to learn from past experiences) it will make sure it doesn’t let it happen again. AI does provide a unique offering as it does something not much else can, because it allows your team to feel safe when navigating your cyber environment by identifying vulnerabilities – whilst simultaneously, Machine Learning can interpret how complex that information is.

Improving security wherever possible is always encouraged. More and more consumers are considering the cyber security measures of the organisations they do business with before making any commitment, and compliance obligations are ever increasing and becoming more difficult to adhere to.

Arguably, the most important reason for improving your systems is trust. Trust is the basis of everything a business is built on, because if you have a client’s trust the likelihood of them recommending your company to others increases massively.

AI and Machine Learning should be seen as an addition to an already capable IT system and team. Every industry will have to make changes to improve processes and the general running of the business – unfortunately, that may mean you have to let go of some of your team once they become surplus to requirements when the more efficient, cost-effective computer systems are implemented.  AI and Machine Learning aren’t common practice in small to medium businesses yet, and that is the key word – yet – because the day will come when its presence is felt by everyone on the globe. It is now time to learn and adapt to the new way of doing things. In short, you must adapt to the technological age we live in; if you have got this far without doing so then well done, but AI and Machine Learning aren’t something you can ignore.

AI technology has changed the way we view our small business processes, techniques, and strategies. Businesses in today’s world must utilise AI and its abilities to accelerate repetitive tasks, minimise human error, and ultimately increase accuracy and in turn the efficiency of the organisation. It may sound too soon to sing its praises so highly but, in some industries where AI has taken hold, its successes are countless.

Don’t allow yourself to be left behind. As a small to medium business owner you must make serious considerations to prepare for AI, but then, with it, your future looks more prosperous, efficient, and secure than ever before.


Implementing AI and Machine Learning in Your Business

Using the tools at your disposal correctly will ensure value. You have the power to revolutionise the way your organisation produces work. We can ensure that you implement the right tools, use them correctly, and plan for the future with those tools as important assets in the prolonged success of your organisation. Our success can be attributed to one thing: TRUST. Ever since our very first year in business our clients have been happy to recommend us to other businesses, and we have grown steadily as a result of those recommendations. We can truly help you to get the best from your IT in the most secure way possible. Don’t hesitate – contact us now!