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A Digital Transformation in your business – Where to begin

In the previous article we explored what a Digital Transformation is and what the benefits of a successful one can be. We will now look at how to go about completing one successfully in your organisation.

How to begin a Digital Transformation in your business

Please don’t start by going out looking for the latest technology and spending thousands on tools if you have no idea what they are – this would be a pointless exercise as you will have no idea what you are looking for and may just waste money on the wrong things. You must look within your business first, break your business down into its component parts and understand what makes you tick and what challenges you face daily. Follow that exercise by doing the same with other businesses in the same industry sector. Doing this will help you to make a better revised decision on the right Digital Transformation for you and your organisation.

The challenges you face on a daily basis

Of course, we don’t pretend to know all of the challenges you face daily as they will vary depending on the industry in which your business resides, but there are some challenges that, no matter what industry you work in, will remain constant.

The care of sensitive information

Every business in the world carries some sort of information about their clients, be it very sensitive or relatively trivial. Whatever is the case, it is entirely your responsibility to know where that data is kept, how it is used, and how it is protected. No matter the nature of your business or the data you hold the care of that data must be at the very top of your business concerns.

Regulatory and compliance obligations

Regulatory compliance is a constant in every industry – you can’t get away from regulations in the modern world and this makes them an even greater concern. You must guarantee that you have the tools in place that are capable of assisting you in meeting your regulatory compliance – it is hard enough as it is without trying to comply without any digital help.

Unfit traditional IT

Standard IT equipment will hinder the growth of your business, and continuing to use it will force your team to complete their tasks in a less than efficient way – this is very counterproductive. The entire point of spending money on IT is to make work processes more efficient and easier for the team. If it isn’t doing this, what’s the point?

Now you know the first steps to undertaking a Digital Transformation, let’s take a look at the options on the market to help you with your decision.

The options on the market

A Cloud-based file server

The future of IT on the planet – Cloud computing. Businesses around the world are choosing this as their solution. A Cloud-based file server is a virtual server running in a Cloud Computing environment and is perfect if you have specific applications or databases that need hosting.

Cloud-based file sharing system

Cloud-based file sharing is a system in which a user has their own storage space on a server and everything is carried out over the Internet.  It can be difficult to implement an ‘information when needed’ ethos or security protocol around the sensitive data because user permissions need to be ring fenced but, once achieved, it will prove to be a very safe and secure working environment.

On-site file server with a VPN / Remote Desktop Connection

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) / Remote Desktop connection, with its ability to perform anonymous information transactions, is a viable option for some – but if you or your team lack technical prowess it isn’t recommended as it can be difficult and very clunky to use. To use it you must have a constant internet connection and consistent device by device support to ensure it runs correctly and efficiently. Another deterrent from this method is how difficult it can be to connect a VPN to a mobile device; a lot of modern business takes place over the phone – so many simply overlook it.

SharePoint implementation

SharePoint by Microsoft is rapidly growing and is now an established set up for many businesses around the globe. Most of us have at the very least a familiarity with the Microsoft suite of tools having either used them at work or at home at some point in our lives, and this makes it the logical decision for many. If your team are already familiar and can use it efficiently why not introduce it wherever possible and save on the time it will take them to learn how to use a different tool? SharePoint allows your team to access documents from anywhere whilst being structured to their needs.

We hope that these articles have opened your eyes to what is possible if you undertake a Digital Transformation successfully. 

Your Digital Solution:

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