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The myths of the cloud – A guide to migrating the right way

As we explored previously, the world has been consumed with the effects of corona virus for quite some time now, leading to a rise in businesses converting to a cloud-based infrastructure and therefore allowing their work force to work remotely.

There are some, however, that have chosen not to make the change due to myths surrounding the cloud and its functions. This is understandable – rumours and hearsay can influence the best of us. Hopefully, by reading on, we can put some of these myths to rest for you and allow you to take the leap to cloud computing confidently.

The myths

One of the myths of the cloud is the assumption that your work practices cannot evolve once having made the transition. What some business owners do not know is that they should still be in constant contact with their provider to keep themselves up to date with the latest tools and software available.

Some providers get you on board and then simply leave you to your own devices; this is not good enough. With the correct support from your provider your business has the capabilities to move with the times and evolve wherever necessary to improve work practices.

Another myth is that you are always backed up and secure just because you are in the cloud, but this is not the case. Security within a business, whether working remotely or in the workplace, is always important. Yes, your data is in the cloud and, yes, your provider oversees its security, but, when working remotely your staff are still accessing that data, potentially saving it to an insecure browser.

Are my files safe in the cloud or do I need to back up the backup? The answer is yes, you need to back up the cloud. Aside from major system failures – data often gets lost in the cloud because of human error. Many use different services with no delete function to automatically save important data and information.

The cloud is not static; it is an ever-evolving platform to share, store and access data online. Your IT provider should reiterate this in every way possible, not only by providing a cloud platform but with frequent contact to inform you of new features that can improve your workflow and general use of your IT. For example, if you are running the 365 range of office tools and a Microsoft Teams update is due, a good IT provider will talk you through the changes to the program to ensure you get the most from it.


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