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Staying Safe on the Dark Web

In the previous article we explored how the modern technological landscape of our workplaces are opening opportunities for cyber criminals that previously didn’t exist. We also highlighted that business owners aren’t educating their teams on the methods used by criminals to gain access and steal their data – and some don’t even know the business defining consequences of a breach occurring. We explored some of the methods used by cyber criminals to get access to your data, now we will look at the ways in which you can best prepare your business for an attack.

How to be best prepared for a cyber attack:



Prepare your system for attack with adequate levels of education. Employees are not usually familiar with the array of cyber threats that are out there, and they likely have no clue about their role in defending your systems against them. You must make this a priority; it could mean the difference between success and failure for the cyber criminals.



Passwords must be unique, complex, and lengthy – every single time! Each password should not be similar to any others you already have, it must not include words, phrases, or number/ letter sequences that have any connection to you. Each password MUST be unique, if they aren’t an attacker need only know one of them and they have full rain over your IT landscape.


Multi factor authentication

Multi factor authentication adds another layer of security on top of unique passwords and usernames. Usually, this is something that only the authorised persons would know and is often a personal question, pin number or biometric data like a fingerprint.


Secure Mobile devices

Mobile devices have become an important part of business in the modern world. As their use grows in popularity it is imperative that you implement strict security measures to keep them safe, if you don’t and your device is accessed or stolen then the data is open to the thief. Once having purchased a portable device of any kind you must secure it with password protection as well as biometric security.


The human Firewall

The most important line of defence for your systems is your team – the human Firewall. Your users are the main way of protecting your systems against cyber criminality, the ongoing theme between both articles is that your team are the link between the tools you purchase and their correct implementation and use. Without a competent team your data can never be safe.

If you are in search of cyber security tools, or training for your team, please don’t hesitate to contact us and see how our expert IT support can help you.

With your new found familiarity with the Dark Web, you now know the ways in which you and your team can avoid your data ending up there, and the methods used by cyber criminals to attempt to steal your data.


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