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The UK’s Shocking Productivity Crisis

It’s time to invest in Technology. 

A new report claims that 86 percent of Britain’s enterprise businesses are worried about raising their productivity with 39 percent calling their productivity ‘very concerning’.

The report by the Centre for Economics and Business Research and Concentra Analytics suggests there’s a “spray and pray approach” to pushing productivity, caused by a lack of insight into the performance of individuals and where the problems actually lie.

As official Government data shows that Britain is achieving growth of only a quarter the level seen 10 years ago, the data also displayed that four out of five businesses have made efforts to improve productivity despite low overall investment.

Of those improving productivity, 31 percent have bought in new technology, with 29 percent reporting that their firm is investing in technology to accelerate automation of repetitive tasks. 39 percent are working to improve business processes and decision making, and 35 percent of companies are investing in new ways to improve employee well-being. However the investment through technology, the downtime and security must be as important as the investment into the technology. This is where employee productivity due to IT is important to review prior to introducing new technologies into businesses to ensure time is saved in the future.

It is clear that the UK industry has a long way to go in terms of improving poorly managed and outdated IT business infrastructure and therefore improving employee productivity. The government has made boosting productivity a key target, which is meant to provide support for businesses through state funding and spending on infrastructure.


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