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Is it possible to avoid Online Identity Theft?

In the contemporary age, a large part of us lives in the online world – in the shape of data! Whether it’s social media, ecommerce websites or educational pages – you’ll agree with us that vital information related to ourselves resides online in many places.

This provides an ideal chance for the cybercriminals who want to steal your individuality to imitate you in order to launder money, make purchases on your behalf and accomplish other malicious plans.

According to an estimation, identity theft causes $50-billion worth of financial damage every year. For some people, identity theft can cause mere embarrassment that could be fixed with certain actions. For other parties, it can cause serious damage to their financials and reputation.


How do you steal an online identity?

In the past, identity theft occurred when a criminal stole your post, bank receipts, wallets with credit cards, etc. In the digitally connected world, this can happen in any of the following ways:

  • Via harmful phishing websites
  • Malware installed on computers or smartphones
  • Transacting via ATM which has been rigged to skim information
  • Sharing passwords with dishonest people
  • Phony social profile
  • Remote access
  • Via pharming websites

Though it is important to stay vigilant, you can protect your identity by being cautious and following certain steps.


How can you protect again online identity theft?

Rather than confronting issues head on, it’s sensible to take some precautionary measures. Here is how you can protect yourself from such a nightmare.

  1. Antivirus and anti-malware software

 Keep your computer and smartphones equipped with the latest antivirus and anti-malware software. Good software helps you in fighting most malware, spyware, and keyloggers.

  1. Be cautious when using ATMs

While using an ATM, make sure you hide your PIN to avoid being discovered by a hidden camera.

  1. Passwords

Always keep distinct passwords for separate websites and social media platforms. Make sure your passwords are resilient enough to be undecipherable. To help you remember all the passwords, use the online services of Google to store them.

  1. Watch out for spam or junk mail

Keep an eye for emails that pop-up in your inbox, seeming to be from a reliable website or source that ask you to download something. Double-check with the source cited to ensure their integrity.

  1. Be wary on Social Media

 The best way to avoid someone from stealing your information is by restricting their access to it. Limit your disbursement of information.

Follow these easy steps to keep a check on your data and information. Keep an eye on new information, and become aware of new ways to defend yourself digitally.


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