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Microsoft Teams update will help you tune out all distractions

A constant barrage of incoming notifications can be distracting while trying to work which is why Microsoft plans to roll out a new update for Microsoft Teams later this year to help users stay focused on the task at hand.

According to a new post on the Microsoft 365 roadmap, the software giant is currently working on a new experience for the Viva Insights app in Teams that expands on its focus time feature.

For those unfamiliar, Microsoft’s Viva Insights app provides Teams users with personalized recommendations that help them do their best work. These insights are derived by summarizing data about your emails, meetings, calls and chats from Microsoft 365.

At its core, Viva Insights helps users improve their productivity and well-being at work through a number of features including Headspace which offers guided meditations, virtual commutes to mindfully close out your workday, Microsoft To-Do, breathing breaks and more.


Focus time in Teams

As part of its new update, Microsoft will expand Viva Insights’ focus time feature to enable Microsoft 365 users to work uninterrupted with Teams notifications silenced.

With focus mode in Viva Insights, Teams users will be able to make progress on important work with focus music from Headspace playing in the background. This new immersive experience will also include a notification as well as a new focus mode page in the Viva Insights Teams app.

Microsoft 365 users can enroll or modify their focus plan settings or even book ad-hoc focus time in the Viva Insights Teams app.

Whether you’re working from home or have already returned to the office, focus time in Teams should help you eliminate distractions so you can get more done during your workday.



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