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Need help with IT relocation?

Starting a new business or moving an existing one to a new location can be a real nightmare for business owners. When you start a business or arrive at your new premises after a move, you virtually have to build your entire IT network from scratch.

Will you have enough cable to connect the network? Will the printers work? And how long will it take before your employees can get back to work?

We can remove all of these worries and more.

What's Included?

Starting a Business?

We can help you select the correct hardware and software for your business. We can also set up and maintain the equipment with our networking and IT support services.

Moving Premises?

If you are moving to new premises we can carefully disconnect all computer & IT equipment, transport it to your new premises and then systematically reconnect it.

Minimise Inconvenience
To minimise inconvenience even further, we can carry out these services during evenings and at weekends. In this way, we can guarantee that you will have ‘business as usual’, right from the very start of your first day in your new office.