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Improve Profit by Extracting More Value From Technology

It goes without saying that the unstable economic environment we are all experiencing is posing serious difficulties for businesses right now. In order to stay competitive and maintain financial stability, businesses across all industries are forced to come up with new strategies. This is due to factors such as sky-high energy costs, which are increasing production costs and making it more expensive to heat our buildings, as well as the highest rate of inflation in about 40 years.

In order to achieve these goals, an increasing number of firms are reviewing how they employ technology. Due to the availability of affordable, productivity-enhancing cloud solutions, exceptional IT is no longer the exclusive domain of large enterprises. Consider adopting modern and emerging technologies that will support your company’s ability to remain resilient and competitive despite the current economic climate, and relieve your company from the load of yesterday’s cumbersome, inflexible legacy systems.

In this post, we aim to outline the financial and strategic benefits that today’s class-leading IT solutions offer in order to demonstrate why it is the right time to embrace digital transformation.

Solutions that scale in line with your business

It’s simple to recall a time when investing considerable sums of money in expensive server hardware and networking equipment meant supporting some rigid and confusing old system. Thankfully, those times are long gone thanks to cloud computing, which provides access to platforms, infrastructure, and applications through a simple subscription approach. The best part of this new setup is that the underlying gear is housed, protected, and maintained for you by the cloud service provider off-site. You pay for the degree of provision that meets your business’s needs, with computing resources made available through changeable subscriptions and software access often priced on a monthly per-user basis. This puts you in responsibility of project expenses and IT overheads. As a result, the cloud enables effective IT spending, with costs fluctuating in pace with your company’s shifting needs.

Little or no infrastructure burden

For minimalists, the modern IT landscape is paradise because solutions frequently require much less on-premises technology than their predecessors did. Thanks to cloud hosting, large on-premises email servers are a thing of the past, and hosted VoIP phone systems provide an infrastructure-lite alternative to the rigid fixed phone lines of the past.

Modernizing IT systems no longer necessitates a severe upfront financial commitment, and with only a limited amount of on-premises hardware, you won’t be burdened by the expensive and time-consuming task of system maintenance. Additionally, it’s critical to keep in mind that hardware is generally always a depreciating asset, losing value quickly after purchase and eventually becoming nearly useless due to obsolescence.

Enhanced enterprise mobility

The capacity to run your firm remotely is essential to its resiliency, as recent years have shown. Enterprise mobility is a feature that many modern systems include by default, offering you and your team the freedom to work remotely while staying productive and reachable while travelling for business.

I can hear you asking how remote-capable technology may help me save money. Remote employment can have subtle, unstated financial advantages. For instance, allowing members of your team to work from home on a rotating basis may result in fewer desks being needed, which may result in less office space being needed. In the best-case scenario, this might allow you to downsize into a less expensive suite or it might just let you postpone that expensive and inconvenient office move that was on the horizon.

The ability to minimise or eliminate transportation costs and gain from improved work-life balance could make working from home or remotely popular with your employees.

Prolific Automation

You can probably categorise all the tasks and procedures your company performs in a given week into two groups: those that are fruitful and those that are not. Menial and repetitive business tasks that offer little value to your clients but are necessary for the smooth operation of your company’s operations are included in the category of “unrewarding” tasks.

With automation solutions (including AI-driven technologies) now present in every area of organisational technology, from HR and accounting software to evergreen productivity suites like Microsoft 365, automation has become a prevalent buzzword in the business technology sector. The repetitive, menial chores we discussed can be eliminated or reduced via automation, freeing up your team’s time to work on projects that boost your bottom line.

Secure technology that guards against financial harm

Organizations are required under the GDPR to implement adequate “technical and organisational” safeguards to secure personally identifiable information. The failure to put such precautions in place can have catastrophic financial repercussions, with the average data breach costing UK SMEs £1200.

Need Help getting the best value out of your technology?

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