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How to get the latest Microsoft Teams updates

Microsoft Teams has been on quite the journey over the last two years. Even in Microsoft’s wildest dreams, it could never have foreseen the huge increase in user figures that its platform has experienced. The video conferencing solution recorded 250 million monthly active users last year, up from around 44 million in 2020. Of course, much of this increase is the result of the Covid-19 pandemic and the sudden need that many businesses (and schools) had to facilitate remote collaboration.

The rise of Microsoft Teams cannot solely be attributed to the pandemic, however. In fact, the platform has had to face some intense competition from other digital solutions like Zoom and Google Meet to become the tool of choice for many organizations. This means that Teams has had to constantly issue new features in order to satisfy growing user demands and keep its rivals at bay.

In order for Teams users to guarantee access to these features, they’ve had to ensure that their version of the application was repeatedly updated. Microsoft promises that the Teams web app will be updated weekly, while desktop client updates are released every two weeks. Although Teams should update automatically on Windows and Mac devices, there are reasons why this may not occur. In any case, you might want to check that you have the latest updates installed (and how to access them if you don’t). We’ll show you how below.

To ensure that your Teams app has the latest updates installed, you’ll first have to locate the software. Obviously, its location will depend on the specific device that you are using – but whether you’re using a Windows or Mac computer, or a smartphone, it shouldn’t be too challenging to find Teams. Your desktop or applications folders are a good place to start – and you can always employ the Search bar if you are still struggling to locate it.


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