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Essential cyber security defences – Defending your business

In the previous article, we discussed how crucial cyber security is and came to the conclusion that it must take pride of place at the top of your company’s priorities in the modern era of technology. We were aware of a few of the numerous techniques cybercriminals employ to access our networks and our sensitive data. We must make sure we are ready.

You must have a basic understanding of cyber security in order to arm and ready your team for a cyberattack that could have a major impact on your company.

The Cyber Security Fundamentals

Good data backup

The unpleasant truth is that no amount of defence can prevent an attack from occurring and succeeding. Data backup is crucial because of this; naturally, don’t disregard your security alternatives; just because something can’t be flawless doesn’t mean you can’t make it extremely good. You must have a plan in place that guarantees the safety of both your IT systems and crucial data, or at the very least, the highest level of security. Without your data, your firm will be unable to function; if it is stolen or accidentally erased, your organisation is likely doomed.

The purpose of data backup is to make sure that you can continue to work at least as effectively as you and your team are accustomed to. With a good data backup, you can maintain your word to customers and carry on with business no matter what.

Secure passwords

We use passwords on a daily basis. While using passwords is widespread practise, we should all be familiar with appropriate password conventions by now, such as avoiding using words or phrases that have personal significance for you or popular number or letter sequences. The strongest passwords are totally random; the letters, numbers, and other characters aren’t arranged in any particular pattern or have any personal meaning for you, making them virtually impenetrable to outsiders. Make them challenging, but keep in mind that you must also remember them.

You can be sure that you and your team are taking every precaution to keep your systems secure if you adhere to this stringent set of guidelines when creating passwords.

  • Where available, use multi-factor authentication.


  • If something is too simple to remember, avoid using it. Avoid using sequential passwords, repeated numerals, or words that are simple to remember (such as 1234, 6789, Dog name, Cat name, etc).


  • If at all feasible, lengthen your password to at least ten characters and use a mix of letters, numbers, and special characters; the longer, the better when it comes to passwords!


  • Write in both upper- and lowercase.


  • Change your password on a regular basis; sometimes accounts are compromised without the account holder’s knowledge.


  • The most crucial cyber security measure you can take is probably using passwords. Although regrettable, it is natural that most people focus on their own convenience rather than the safety of the system. As a result, they create passwords that are simple to input and remember rather than those that are as secure as possible. Regardless of how tiresome entering passwords can be, your data must be protected.


Anti-Malware measures

Every time you use a laptop or computer, anti-malware software must be downloaded and updated to the most recent version. This applies to all of your electronic devices, not just those at work. The majority of vendors provide a free version of anti-malware software, but regrettably, as is always the case, when something is free there is typically a reason for that: in this instance, they are simply not up to the task, considering even the most basic modern cyber attacks would have little trouble penetrating them. You must quickly swap out the ineffective version for a powerful one.

Data encryption

We are all aware that data theft is the goal of cybercriminals. However, many attacks need that they encrypt it first. In order to hold the keys to your kingdom, you must act first. We realise that this may sound complex, but please bear with us.

Your files and documents’ readable text is scrambled by data encryption software so that only the person with the “keys” may decode it. To become the gatekeeper with complete control over who enters, you must arrive first.


The most crucial security measure is education. Cyber attacks typically target the uninformed; a level of ignorance regarding the effects of a successful cyber attack on the organisation is invariably what might cause tragedy. Your staff must be aware of the dangers they face, remain watchful at all times, and understand how to make the best use of the many tools and information you give them.

Cybersecurity is crucial, and each member of your team needs to understand how to protect your systems. Next you must play your part by giving them weapons that can withstand the assaults.

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Cyber Security