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Ensure your Backups are Sufficient for Business Continuity

To ensure business continuity, every organisation worth its salt employs some form of disaster recovery. However, it is unclear whether they actually have a robust and mature disaster recovery plan that can help in the event of data loss.

A business continuity and disaster recovery plan is essential to running a successful business. During a data disaster, a disaster recovery plan explains the processes, procedures, and tools you need to recover your data. The business continuity plan, on the other hand, specifies the various precautions you should take and the remedial actions you should take after an incident.

Cloud backup vs. on-premise backup

Traditionally, companies used file-based backups or maintained their own private backup servers. Despite being considered relatively safe from external cyber threats, this type of backup system was quite expensive to maintain and offered little automation or restoration flexibility. As a result, your disaster recovery plans had limited options.

As cloud technology advances, cloud security increases, smart budgeting becomes more feasible, and cloud backup solutions become more affordable, most enterprises have switched to cloud backup solutions. As a result, disaster recovery plans now include automated backups, restorations, 24/7 cloud monitoring, and so on. Many organisations tend to assume that cloud backup solutions are all they need due to their convenience and flexibility.

Cloud backups differ from on-premises backups in several basic ways:


On premise


Data storage

On-premises servers and storage

Located on cloud data servers far from the physical location of a company


Infrastructure and tools are expensive to invest in at first.  No monthly fees are required, however.

It does not require any initial capital. You will, however, have to pay a monthly subscription fee. 


As the data is stored offline and accessible over the internet, it is safe from cyber attacks 

Data in the cloud is protected by inbuilt security features and up-to-date security systems. Nevertheless, since it is connected to the internet, cyberattacks are possible. 

Internet requirement

Not required

Need internet to access the data


The organisation is responsible for completing this task

Provided by the cloud service provider.


In spite of the fact that the cloud offers a safe place for backups, your recovery plans must still take into account any risks associated with storing the data there. You still stand a chance of losing your data if the cloud data servers get damaged or corrupted.

Consequently, it is best to maintain multiple copies in addition to your regular cloud backups. Your data is always accessible and recoverable if you back up your cloud services to an alternative ring-fenced environment.

Choose a comprehensive data backup solution

If you want an efficient backup solution, you should also focus on optimising both on-premises backups and cloud backups. For uninterrupted business continuity, look for features such as automated, continuous backups, quick recovery, and affordable pricing plans.

That said, we help companies comprehensively protect and recover their data, whether a single file or an entire system, should any disaster strike. Get in touch with us to learn more.

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