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Data breach

Feeling lost and empty in the wake of a  data breach?

Let’s start with a worrying fact, around 60 percent of small firms lose their business inside 6 months of a data breach. That’s a frightening figure everyone should be aware of. It’s not because these firms didn’t have an appropriate security system in place that they went under, it’s because they were not prepared to deal with the calamity and aftermath an attack can cause.

Breaches can happen to any business of any size, regardless of all the security measures you already have in place. Hackers work hard to infiltrate your IT systems. But there are quite a few ways to recover from a data breach if the worst-case scenario occurs.

Let’s start with what you can do to confirm a successful recovery before the breach even transpires.


What to do before you get data breached…

  • Identify all the IT assets you’re currently in control of

First of all, know what’s on your network. Using a distinguishing asset ID will help you isolate the attacked system in case of a Data Breach.

  • Operate an Intrusion Detection System (IDS) to your system/network.

 IDS will help you take down prospective dangers & it also help in identifying the attack pattern thereby reducing damage. Although don’t be too hopeful.

  • Have an Incident Response Plan (IRP).

The last thing your business needs is an unanticipated data breach, with no plan of how to react. Have a backup plan in hand that allocates responsibilities and duties so that recovery actions will be taken accurately.

  • Backup your all-important data.

This is a straightforward and very effective step that can be taken to shrink data loss or corruption. Don’t let those ransomware Hackers get the better of you. Just carry on as usual with your backed-up data, remember to keep it updated and safe.

  • Perform continual penetrative tests.

Carry Out regular penetrative tests to figure out any weakness in your security system. Educate employees on possible attacks and create understanding of attacks like phishing.


What to do after you get data breached…

Now it’s time to move on to what you can do in the wake of a breach to help you get back on track.

  • Assess the attack

Find out how much and what you have lost. The minute you realise you have been attacked; you should look into the enormity of the impact. Figure out what systems were attacked, and which databases have been violated. Asset ID’s and restricted authentications should help you with that.

  • Mask the impact

Separate the attacked system from the network so that no more of your systems get contaminated. Disable the logins and credentials used by the attacker to breach. Basically, give the attacker no more means to keep attacking you.

  • Analyze the attack pattern

This will help you neutralize any additional attacks that might come your way. Don’t you want to know how your security systems were finally cracked down? Examining the attack will give you more understandings into how to enhance your security measures.

  • Inform the breach to all of those involved

Make the breach known to the people who were affected. You need them to be more vigilant and informed of the risk. Even the law requires you to do so as it is your obligation to make any security breach known to the stakeholders concerned.

  • Amend your security protocols

Replace your security systems with new and updated ones that can further endure similar attacks, if not attacks in general. Address your weaknesses and take preemptive solutions into training to avoid future events.

Make use of your Business Continuity (BC) and recovery plans to rebuild your systems to full functionality.

  • Keep an eye out for any further cyber attacks

Maintain security measures with the same strength since the day you established them. Make sure everyone in the company is limited to the cause as well. As they say, a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. So, keep your systems up to date and try not to leave any exposure unaddressed.

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