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In the previous blog we covered what Business Process Automation is, in this – the second blog in the three-part series – we will go into some more detail about why you would want to implement it in your organisation.


Why would you want it, where can it help you?

Business Process Automation can revolutionise your workplace in many ways, let us look at a real-world example of Business Process Automation in action and then break it down and see what it helped with.

For example, a business is growing and is beginning to get noticed on social media. The business is inundated with hundreds of tweets flying in every day which can easily divert attention from normal duties (as a member of the team must constantly be on and off Twitter to ‘like’ the message and ‘follow’ the potential customer). This simple but completely manual process takes up significant time in your working day.

This way of doing things has led to some existing / potential customers being ignored and replies are delayed – not intentionally – but simply because the member of the team in charge of the social networking channel cannot keep up with the sheer volume of tweets that he is inundated with alongside his normal duties. This allows the customer to go elsewhere for their service / goods, or even worse, project their annoyance at being ‘ignored’ across the social networking channel for all to see – in turn – projecting an unprofessional image of the organisation.

The member of the team in question is wasting their time manually replying to all the comments, in this modern ‘round the clock’ world they would need to work 24 hours a day 7 seven days a week to reply to all the tweets in a timely manner – and what if the organisation continues to grow? Is the business going to employ new members of the team whose job role will be to click ‘like’ and ‘follow’? It is a possibility, but it would also be a massive drain on resources.

This is where Business Process Automation comes in.

The business introduces Business Process Automation (Power Automate by Microsoft) to manage the strain that the tweets are putting on the team’s shoulders, Power Automate makes it possible to set up a flow that follows the potential customer, sends them a reply, and adds them to a spreadsheet that is then automatically emailed to you for your approval.

In this example, Power Automate allowed that member of the team to get back to their job role and not have most of their time wasted on mundane tasks.

Business Process Automation allows you to guarantee the key pillars to a successful business are maintained, it can guarantee that you manage time effectively by allowing your employees to complete the tasks they were employed – and trained – to do, reduce human error by handing the reigns of certain tasks over to technology, increase levels of collaboration by giving you more control over project process and deadline setting, and – in my opinion – most importantly increase your insight into your business process, by having more control over business processes you are inadvertently learning more and more about the different sectors that your organisation is split up into.


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