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Go above and beyond with Microsoft Planner

Business challenges: solved.

Challenge: How can I organise my project work?

One answer… Planner – Your digital project manager

Struggling to organise teamwork, projects & tasks?

Like most businesses, many of us are swamped with a handful of apps that are all carrying out their own objectives. This of course, reduces organisation within the team and tasks/projects often get missed or forgotten about.

Completing tasks is a critical aspect of any business it’s the uphill challenge we face every day. Missing any could lead you down a path of poor productivity and self-destruction. Alike most organisation-based apps, notifications are a key factor in reminding you to complete work, many however, don’t have this simple function.

As mentioned above, integration is what really lacks with many of these third-party applications, you’re juggling six different platforms and you still wonder why you forgot about a task that you set over 2 months ago. If only there was an app that was surrounded by a handful of other fantastic applications.

So, what’s the solution to solve all of these persistent challenges?

Say hello to Microsoft Planner

Similar to Asana, Slack or Trello for project management. Microsoft Planner provides a focal point for team members to create plans, organise and assign tasks to different users and to check on progress through dashboards. It also provides a unified core where files can be shared and gives visibility to the whole team.

Planner is deeply integrated with other Office 365 apps to provide a seamless experience for organisation.

Introducing; Plans. Otherwise categorised as projects, plans enable you to create the wide overview for its own individual tasks. Enabling you to set assigned tasks giving you the ability to keep track in the planner hub of all your plans and tasks within.

Introducing; Groups. With your new plans you can now therefore add group members. Whoever is added to the Plan will also be added to the Group automatically and they will see the Group appear in their Outlook.

Introducing; Tasks. Once you have your plan you can start creating tasks or ‘cards’, which can be done before or after you add team members. With the ability to colour coordinate, add due dates, estimated time to complete, attachments and a lot more.

Powerful Integration. ​Whether it’s Microsoft Teams or Outlook, Planner integrates strongly within Office 365. Within Teams you can now add a tab with a plan, so that you can review and amend tasks without having to leave Teams. As well as getting email notifications, you can also view your tasks in your Outlook calendar.

Microsoft Planner enables users to track projects through the dashboard, it provides a visual representation of the plans to get a better overview of what’s complete, what’s behind schedule and what still needs work.


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