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Go above and beyond with Microsoft Teams

Business challenges: solved.

Challenge: How do I improve internal communications?                                                                                                    One answer… Microsoft Teams – Be plugged into your team, wherever you are.

Struggling to communicate & collaborate efficiently?

With internal communication being such a critical aspect to any business; if you don’t know what’s going on things can start to get rather messy, exceptionally fast.

Are you often finding yourself out of the loop, or simply lost in a whirlwind of multiple email conversations? You’re not alone… with many Office 365 users only using their favourite familiarised office apps, you’re missing out on a world of efficiency-boosting platforms that’ll change the way you work forever.

With endless email chains filling up your inbox, it’s difficult to maintain a steady conversation, not including the several emails you were cc’d into for no apparent reason. Not to mention the jungle of attachments, if you’ve sent out a particular file, don’t bother wasting your time trying to keep track of the file version, when it’s passed between the entire business with various edits, don’t expect to find the original.

So, what’s the solution to solve all these problems?


Say hello to Microsoft Teams

With the ocean of tools available to us on our workstations, it’s particularly problematic to figure out what’s the best to use. Microsoft Teams can and will solve all of your internal communicational challenges.

Teams is Microsoft’s answer to a single-pane-of-glass application casing a full range of our day to day communication & collaboration requirements.

Introducing; Instant Messaging. Instead of having over 200 emails floating in your mailbox, Teams allows you to chat instantly with your workforce within its single platform environment, across any device that you use. Whether you need to send a message, a file attachment or just a reminder. By uniting the conversation, Teams provides a seamless way to converse individually or as a group without the confusion of numerous emails and countless attachment versions.

Introducing; Real-time document editing. On the subject of all those files getting lost and rewritten through the email wormhole, Teams has got you covered so you’ll never misplace or lose track of any file ever again. To maximise your collaboration, Microsoft Office Web Apps are all supported right within Teams, so you can have several team members working on the same document at the same time.

Introducing; Distinctive Channels. Within the Teams app, you can breakdown your projects, departments and clients, into their own ring-fenced Channel. Much like the wider-app functionality; Channels provide a secure invite-only section for team members, to communicate via instant message and work together through file sharing, all in one location. Assign specific channels per each distinctive client, making it easier to divide every conversation. Backed by the SharePoint file storage architecture, it ensures that all data & files are kept fully within your control.

Introducing; Voice/video calls. You may be thinking, I haven’t got time for all this messaging, can I just make a phone call? The answer quite simply is yes. Built from the foundations of Skype, within the very same Teams application, you can access voice and video conferencing between two or multiple users.


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Beyond the most common of challenges, there are solutions that can be tailor-made to suit most businesses. At Netplatforms, we are relied upon as the go-to technology partner by many other small to medium businesses across London and Essex with such technological challenges. We can make the technology best work for your organisation, and not the other way around!

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