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AI and Machine Learning – What are they?

The modern world revolves around the effective use of technology – every part of daily life in the civilised world is reliant on it, and our reliance will only become more blatant as it continues to further improve our processes. Two of the most revolutionary technology advancements in history are the birth of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning.

AI has allowed us to place a reliance on tech that no one thought possible even just a few years ago. In this and the following article we will explore AI and Machine Learning, we will learn what they are and the challenges that come from them, but, most importantly, how they can help your business – regardless of its size – to be more productive, efficient, and, in turn, successful.

AI will require a digital transformation of sorts but, once the hardware and/or software has been purchased, you will find that the investment is well worth the money.

AI and Machine Learning

AI is the simulation of human intelligence processes by machines. Some specific applications of AI include expert systems, natural language processing (NLP), speech recognition and machine vision.

Machine Learning gives your system the ability to learn and improve from past experiences. AI focuses on computer systems that are seeking to replicate human skills, whereas Machine Learning processes data and is designed specifically to recognise patterns in that data, from which it can then create an algorithm based on your personal choice of parameters. AI and Machine Learning are progressive, and in the future – as they are now – they will change how we view technology.

For example, one use of AI and Machine Learning is through Text-to-speech apps, which utilise AI and Machine Learning to enable hands-free use, boost your writing speed, increase mobility, and improve tone of voice. Thousands of content creation specialists around the globe are using Text-to-speech apps to speed up the process of creating top quality text.


Is AI and Machine Learning a Threat or a Benefit?

People are apprehensive, and that is understandable because placing that much trust in a machine sounds ludicrous. We aren’t going to lie – AI and Machine Learning will definitely change the way that you and your team go about your workdays, how you approach the customer experience, and how your business communicates and co-operates with associates. But, as daunting as these changes will be, AI and Machine Learning will enable your team to perform tasks faster and to a much better standard than before.

AI will increase productivity and output whilst simultaneously reducing costs through reduced manual processes. AI is a relatively new addition to most businesses around the world: some are only now learning of it as a concept, and others believe that they would have no use for it due to their processes being practically impossible to alter. These are the main reasons that many don’t get the very best from the AI they could implement in their organisation.

Traditional workplaces revolve around a rule-based environment. The successes and failures of the business are documented manually by a dedicated human analyst – which, as much as they try their best, isn’t without its problems. Human error is common and, in the modern workplace, this simply isn’t good enough.

Today’s working environment needs to be precise in every way, and when it comes to computing this is no different – it must be capable of helping your team to make better decisions, perform as efficiently as possible, and remain secure all at the same time. AI and Machine Learning are the only way to guarantee this.

Obviously, with tech taking on some of the more menial tasks, you may find you can reduce your workforce. However, we aren’t recommending that you fire your human team and buy some computers to do their jobs instead, but we are saying that a combination of tech and people working in unison toward a common goal will be great for your business. AI will allow your team to interpret and process data fast and to a far better standard than a human can. Tech can only go so far though – there will always be elements of the workday that require that human touch.


The challenges of AI

Preparation is key in regard to AI; it can be relatively expensive to integrate and require a substantial capital investment for developing your existing technology to ensure it is capable of operating with AI – as we said previously. Like any tech, AI will become cheaper as it is more widely used and improved, but right now it can be expensive (depending on the size of your business).

Do everything gradually, as a one-time implementation of AI could force you to search for outsourced funding and expend a lot of company time educating your team in how to use the tools effectively.  Training will be required throughout the implementation, so spreading the time out is recommended, because it may be a lot of information for your team to absorb if it is all done at once.

Some of the largest organisations in the world are making very quick integrations to a workplace dominated by AI and Machine Learning. They have done their research and want to get ahead of the curve – they know that – if implemented, adopted, and used efficiently – they can use AI and Machine Learning to help them dominate their industry.

Regardless of the size of your business (be it a multi-national conglomerate or a small local family run business), AI and Machine Learning are the future for you. You must compete with organisations of a similar size to survive so you need to get ahead of them and start evolving today.

Now we know what AI and Machine Learning are and the challenges that come from their implementation, in the following article we will explore what would make you want to face those challenges head on.  AI and Machine Learning have many possibilities if approached in the right way by the right organisation.


Implementing AI and Machine Learning in Your business

Using the tools at your disposal correctly will ensure value. You have the power to revolutionise the way your organisation produces work. We can ensure that you implement the right tools, use them correctly, and plan for the future with those tools as important assets in the prolonged success of your organisation. Our success can be attributed to one thing: TRUST. Ever since our very first year in business our clients have been happy to recommend us to other businesses, and we have grown steadily as a result of those recommendations. We can truly help you to get the best from your IT in the most secure way possible. Don’t hesitate – contact us now!